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Studio Rental FAQ’s

Studio Rental FAQ's

What are your hours of operation?

The studio is available for rent 9am – 11pm | 7 days a week!
Co-op renters can use the studio outside of our normal business hours. 😉

We are open by appointment only.

What if I have to CANCEL a studio rental?

With MORE than 72 hours notice: You will receive a refund in full.
With LESS than 72 hours notice: No refunds. You will receive a credit. This credit must be booked within 30 days of the original booking.
With LESS than 24 hours notice or same day or late-night-before notice: No refunds or credit given.
(If your model flakes, send her a bill! 😉

What are your rental rates?

$100 for 4 hours
$150 for 8 hours

$25 for freshly painted cyclorama

$600/month for unlimited studio time.
Contact us for more details.

Can I come set up ahead of time?

Your time starts when you take possession of the studio. So if you want to come an hour early to set up, you’ll need to pay for that hour. If it takes you an hour to pack-up at the end of your shoot, then you will be charged an additional hour.

Is there a grace period?

We will let you in no sooner than 15 minutes before your shoot. So if you show up 30 minutes early, don’t expect to take early possession of the studio unless you plan to pay for it.
You will get a 15 minute grace period to vacate the studio at the end of your shoot, so long as there is no one booked directly after you. Anything over 15 minutes is considered an additional hour and you will be billed.

What type of equipment do you have available?

The following equipment is included at no charge with the rental of a studio:
Use of makeup and hair station, wi-fi, kitchenette, rolling garment rack,assorted clamps, lights and modifiers.

    (1) Alien Bee 1600 Strobes
    (3) Alien Bee 800 Strobes
    (1) Alien Bee Ring Flash ? ABR800

    (1) 3? Octabox w/ Grid
    (1) 22? White Beauty Dish w/Grids
    (1) 86″ Parabolic Umbrella with Diffusion Panel
    (1) 64″ Parabolic Umbrella with Diffusion Panel
    (1) Medium Rectangular Softbox
    (1) Large Rectangular Softbox
    (2) 32? White Umbrella
    (2) 32? Silver Umbrella
    (2) 36? Strip Light Softbox w/ Grid
    (1) Moon Unit for ABR800

    Backdrop Options
    Seamless Paper – $10 per color
    Bright White Paper (9ft.)
    Off White Paper (9ft.)
    15% Gray Paper (9ft.)
    Black Paper (9ft.)
    Yellow Paper (9ft.)
    Ocean Blue Paper (9ft.)
    Carnation Pink Paper (9ft.)
    Black Tuff-Lock (4.5ft.)
    Various faux wall panels for set building (gloss white, matte white, brick, etc.)
    TONS of fabric backgrounds

What if I break or damage something?

We understand accidents happen, but most of the time when something is broken in the studio, it’s due to neglect. 😉
If you break or damage an item you will be charged the cost of the item plus the shipping cost.
If you damage a wall or the floor, etc… you will be charged the cost of the repair.

The best thing to do is to treat the studio as if it were your own investment. Follow directions, ask for help if needed.

Why do I have to pay a cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee is rarely used, as most people know how to pick up after themselves. For those that don’t the cleaning fee is imposed.

Fee Schedule for Studio Rentals:
$25 for leaving the cyclorama floor unusable
$25 for leaving trash/food behind
$50 for feathers, body paint, sand, or anything else that is hard to clean up

Fee Schedule for Events:
$50 for leaving trash, cups, bottles, food, etc behind
$50 for leaving trash, bottles, balloons, etc in the alleyway and/or parking lot

Do you provide a wardrobe?

Yes, we have a 100sqft wardrobe room with clothes/shoes/accessories available for rent.

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