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Photography Day Camp

July 11-15th, 2015 | Only 9 spots available! 🙂

Photography Day Camp (Ages 12-17)
Our hands-on program teaches basic photography techniques, composition and creativity. We challenge each student to find their own unique voice through photography.
Explore. Imagine. Create.

Instruction will be given in both classroom lecture-style, in-the-field study and in a professional photo studio.
Student will learn camera settings, basic techniques, composition, and lighting while focusing on photographing nature subjects, street photography, and portraits.

Date: July 11-15th, 2016
Time: 9:00AM-1:00PM
Class size: 9
Gallery Show: Friday, July 15th at 6pm
Photo Camp Fee: $150 per child. ($100 for each sibling)

Day 1: “Understanding Photography”
The day will start with a fun lecture on the fundamentals of photography. We will discuss the various genres of photography, go over camera settings and learn about composition. Students will then get to take pictures outside of the studio and we will review what they shot.

Day 2: “Capturing and Manipulating Natural Light”
Students will explore an Arboretum through the camera lens. They will learn how to work with the sun to create well-lit images in a natural setting. Kids will have a chance to use bounce cards and sun diffusers.

Day 3: “Lights, Camera, Action!”
Students will get to use a real working photo studio. They will take pictures of each other on various backgrounds of their choice…as well as incorporating furniture and props into their set.

Day 4: “Express Yourself.”
Students will get to decide what kind of photos they want to show at the gallery event. They will choose their subject, setting, location, etc. This when they will really get to incorporate what they’ve learned thus far.

Day 5a: ?Photoshop, Print and Prep?
Each child will learn a few basic editing techniques in Adobe Photoshop. Color correction, black and white conversion, blemish removal, a few “Instagram” color techniques, etc. They will then pick their 3 favorite photos to print for the gallery show on Friday night. As well as 4 other photos to put into their “portfolio” books.

Day 5b: ?Welcome to the Gallery Show!?
Students and their families (and friends) will join us for a Gallery Show of their work. This well be their first time seeing their work in print. (super exciting!) Snacks and beverages will be served. Everyone is encouraged to dress up. 😉

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