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Intro to Manual Mode

INTRO TO MANUAL MODE – $199headshot3
This class is for people who have a DSLR with an “M” for Manual Mode. 🙂

What you will learn:
Camera Operation

    • Understanding proper exposure
    • Operating your camera in Manual modes (aperture priority, shutter priority, and full manual) and the benefits to doing so instead of using program modes (ie. portrait)
    • Lenses (what lenses work best for what type of photography, dealing with distortion, and how to achieve that creamy blurred background look popular in portraiture)

Learning to see light

    • Working with natural light (including reflectors and using the environment to your advantage)
    • Working with on camera flash
    • Using shadows and highlights to “sculpt” your subject and define shape/definition


    • Rules of composition
    • How to pose models and how different poses change the feel/mood of a photo
    • Things to avoid/watch out for
    • Getting creative with concepts (blur, film effects, movement, etc)

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