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We are E x p a n d i n g ! ! (again)

Written by Studio OC on . Posted in Studio Rentals, What's New

About 3 months ago I started thinking about adding a 3rd studio. Unfortunately, there are no adjoining spaces to the left or right of our current units. So I figured we’d just put a bunch of money into our current spaces and just upgrade and remodel everything. But the more I though about it, I realized that we still need more space!
So I started brainstorming and getting feedback from our renters and fellow photographers, and decided we just *have to* move to a place we can really spread our wings.
Much to my surprise, not 1 but 2 of our awesome clients offered to invest in my business. Woot woot!
We’ve spent the last month searching for a location and we’ve found one! And lemme tell ya… it’s going to be amazing!
We will still be in the city of Fountain Valley, just a 1/2 mile from where we are now. More details to follow…
But for now, I want to give you all a tentative timeline of the events leading up to the big grand opening.

Studio A will be closing down July 28th so we have time to demolish everything we built. (Oh how bittersweet that will be!)
Studio B will be available for booking between now and August 30th.
We should have one studio open at the new location by August 15th, but this is still tentative.

About the new building…
It’s a total of 6,000sqft with 4,500sqft of shooting space. It’s got 18 foot ceilings and tons of natural light. Ample parking and a very nice front entrance/lobby area.
We are adding a 3rd studio and lots of new goodies that are under wraps for now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

New Partners
Evan Seigel and Norm Lao are my new investment partners!
Evan brings many years of business knowledge to the table. He is CEO of Ground Zero Pharmaceuticals in Irvine, CA.
Norm Lao is a Fashion photographer based OC. We’ve known each other for years, so he’s always been a special part of our growth over the past 2 years.
I’m excited to have both of these gentlemen on board as investment partners! I’ll still be running the operation on a daily basis, but now I have 2 additional resources to really help us be the best we can be for years to come!

I would love to get everyone’s feedback, so if you want to add something to our WISH LIST, please email us at:
We want to hear what Photographers want to have in the studios, as well as what Makeup Artists and Models would love to have in the new makeup/lounge areas. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all for now! I’ll continue to update this blog as things happen!

~Chanel Rene

April Showers of Savings!

Written by Studio OC on . Posted in Photo Services, Studio Rentals, What's New

Booking Blocks in Studio A
Book 9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm or 5pm-9pm and save! 4 hours for $100. ๐Ÿ™‚
Use coupon code “aprilshowers”
Discount applies to MAY shoots booked IN April. Code expires 4/30/12.

Corporate Headshots
$125 for 3 looks. You get all images! Need professional makeup/hair? Add-on for $50.
Model Portfolios
$300 for 3 looks. 4 hour shoot. Includes makeup/hair. Need wardrobe? Add-on for $50.
Offer expires 4/30/12.

March Deals & Specials!

Written by Studio OC on . Posted in Photo Services, Studio Rentals, What's New

If you haven’t done so already… be sure to “like” our Facebook Fan Page!
Facebook Fan Page

We’ve got 2 great fan-only deals for the month of March!


    Get a FREE Hour!
    Coupon code: “MAR30” Valid on Studio A rentals only. 2 hour minimum still applies to all bookings. Must be used on bookings in March or April only.
    Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer expires on: 3/31/12


    Save $50 on any PhotoShoot package!
    Coupon code: “MAR50” Valid on model portfolios, family portraits, headshots, etc. Must be used on bookings in March or April only.
    Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer expires on: 3/31/12

POTM: Eric Anderson

Written by Studio OC on . Posted in Featured Photographer, What's New

Photographer of the Moment: Eric Anderson!

Eric is one of our favorite studio rental clients. Everytime he books, I get excited to see what funky creation he’s gonna come up with!
He incorporates typical studio lighting with his own unique sources of light, resulting in some truly amazing images. I’m constantly asking him questions about his setups and he’s always happy to share a few secrets. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s a few of my favorite images…and his interview after.


    What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?
    I love the creative process, working with the talented people that I collaborate with and just playing with all the toys that are cameras and lights.

    Your work is so creative! Do you plan everything out first or just go with the flow and see what you come up with?
    It?s a little bit of both. We first come up with a basic concept for the shoot. Gather props and do a little research but always keep an open mind to change direction it the concept does not feel right or the model suggests an idea. I find that keeping the creative process open often invites magic.

    How do you select the models for your shoots?
    I have found most of my models on I usually plan a simple shoot, a test shoot I guess to see if we have similar creative sensibilities. Chemistry is very important, if we are not enjoying what we are doing then then results are often flat.

    Any words of wisdom for aspiring photographers?
    Look at a lot of photography, all kinds and styles. Pay attention to light and how it plays on different subjects. Take a lot of pictures. The more you shoot, the more you will begin to discriminate between boring and interesting images. If a concept of idea fails the first time you try, learn from the experience and try again. And lastly, enjoy what you are doing. If you are truly enjoying photography you will get out far more than you put in.

Click here to see more of his work in our Brag Book!

Happy Friday!

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